In the wake of that inadvertent KONY claim (a Kurupt reference that was misinterpreted yet people still ran with it anyway) from Kendrick Lamar, and those not-so-subtle comments from Trinidad Jame$, you could say that New York hip-hop's been under a bit of scrutiny this year.

So when A$AP Nast, one of A$AP Mob's semi-notable bench players, and Method Man, Wu-Tang Clan veteran and cult hero, collaborate, it could go one of two ways:

"Yo shout out Nast and the whole ASAP Mob for giving the legends love Meth can still spit man this s--- fire," or "This s--- was trash and I'm a fan of the Mob and the whole essence of 90s hip hop but c'mon son" -- an actual comment on 2DopeBoyz.

Luckily, most of the responses have reflected the former, and deservedly so. 'Trillmatic' -- a song that originally appeared as a one-minute snippet on the end of A$AP Ant's 'The Way It Go' -- is a fun and refreshing throwback to '90s East Coast rap, which is a rare feat for this Harlem crew.

Nast takes on the bulk of the responsibility with two stellar verses and a surprisingly dope hook ("I got a funky, funky style with a funky swag"), but it's Johnny Blaze who lights up the track with an effortlessly acrobatic guest appearance. A$AP Ty Beats' sample-laced, boom bap production proves that the true New York essence is hiding beneath all that Houston flavor after all.

'Trillmatic' serves as an early sample of A$AP Mob's upcoming full-length album, which is due March 4 (and which is already sounding miles better than last year's 'Lord$ Never Worry').