Angel Haze isn't fazed by low record sales. After leaking her own album, 'Dirty Gold,' in December, Republic Records, her label, moved forward and officially released the project later that month. However, the set sold a paltry 1000 copies in its first week. Still, the rap newcomer is confident fans will continue to support her.

The rapper explained that she put out 'Dirty Gold' on her own without the label's approval because she promised her fans an album by the year's end. Now, she's working to market the album, which had no promotion at the start. The LP sold just 187 copies on its first day of release.

“I knew I was going to have to play catch up and bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on and do all the extra work and I was okay with that," she tells Music Week. "It means I won’t sell as much in the first few weeks and it doesn’t bother me. It’s a lot of work but I never set myself up for anything I’m not prepared for.”

Haze reveals that her record label wasn't expecting her to be a big-seller in the first place. “[My label said they] didn’t expect it to sell like 15,000 in the first week because I decided to drop it in the last week of December where only heavy hitters make the final sales,” she said. “They said yeah, your first week sales are going to be s--- but in the coming weeks we’ll see them increase and it’s cool."

She eventually took to Twitter when she released her album, airing out issues with her label and the music industry. “It's so annoying that my label could tell me that if I f---ing finished my album before the summer it would be out this year," she wrote. "I have gone to bat for this music,” the rapper tweeted. “I have gone to bat for myself. I have literally sat f---ing sleepless and starved crying over this s---. I turned down so much s--- to be sure that I could finish this album because actually wanting something to me means doing all you can to be sure that it’s attainable.”