At this point, 50 Cent is shooting into thinner and thinner air in his one-sided war with Jay-Z. Hov has barely responded, yet Curtis continues to try to escalate things with some bold quotes against Jay in his 'Before I Self Destruct' press offensive. In an interview with Rolling Stone, 50 went into detail about how Jay-Z practices business, claiming that he only looks out for his own interests and doesn't want to share too much of the spotlight with his own artists on the their projects.

"I think he completely has his best interests in mind," said 50 in regards to Jay-Z. "When you commit to working with other artists -- I have to be passionate about it. Of course, you want to make money, so you only commit to the things that you're excited about, that you feel you have the chemistry with or has something there, but after you get past that point, it should be something that you actually want to see win. I tried to collaborate with him on the Freeway project. What I did was Freeway went out and found his publishing deal, and we started the album, and Jay did 'Big Spender' and I did 'Take You to the Top,' and when it came time to put the record out, he didn't want to shoot his video."

50 claims this is a trend in how Jay works -- an argument that seems to be supported by the bulk of Beanie Sigel's recent criticism. Hov also has a point, though. If he co-signs an artist, puts them on his label and tours with them, how much could he possibly owe them beyond that? It's a big opportunity in the first place.

"He has a king complex," continued 50. "He thinks he's f---ing Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova s---."

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