Being a high-profiled rapper, Z-Ro is often confronted by fake people. In his latest video for “Where the Real,” the Houston representer asks where are the real people at in his hood?

In the visual, the 39-year-old rhymer takes viewers on a tour of his neighborhood where he bumps into various people at the local gas station, barbershop and club. Thanks to his specialized sunglasses, he can tell if a person is “Fake” or “Real.”

In an interview with XXL, Z-Ro explains that he only works with people who are "real" when it comes to business.

“I always wanted to do work with other people but due to certain stigmatas, a lot of other people thought I didn’t want to f--- around with people ‘cause I never was seen anywhere. People thought I was just comfortable with not f---in’ with other people," he said. "But that’s not the case. I want to let people know that I’m still in the game and I’m not on the bench riding the pine. I’m on the court. I would like to f--- around with people who I respect in the game and get some bread.”

"Where the Real" is from Z-Ro's latest project, Drankin & Drivin, which is available now. Check out his video above.