Houston vet, Z-Ro has just dropped a new video for his song "New S---" where he lets everyone know that he doesn't have time to entertain their unwanted opinions.

Z-Ro has long been one of the most respected rappers in the game, known for his bluntness and honesty in dealing with a wide range of topics. On this track, which appears on Drankin & Drivin, he stays true to form, telling folks that if they don't like his "new s---" they can kick rocks.

"I don't know about you but I know what I'ma do/I roll one deep I don't roll with the crew/I don't know a lot of real n----s, only know a few/And this time next year I'ma only know two," he spits, while rocking a shirt that says "I'm A Victim of Racial Profiling."

Z-Ro's Drankin & Drivin was released earlier this summer and he explained to XXL that he has a lot more music in the vaults.

“It’s a lot of shit waiting to come out, but you want to be sure before you give some platinum shit to a silver muthaf----,” he told the site. “You got to be weary with what you’re doing. For a masterpiece, getting a little money isn’t an equal exchange. You want to get some legs behind your shit. I need my shit in Berlin, Denmark, everywhere where the shit can make it to. It’s at least six projects sitting and waiting to see what’s going to happen with Drankin’ & Drivin’.”

Check out the video above.


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