Yung L.A. is alive and well.

Despite social media rumors and Twitter tributes to the rapper, Yung L.A. was not killed in Atlanta. Rumors spread that L.A., whose recently rechristened himself Da Boi Lay, had been shot and killed following a dispute, but he refuted all claims with an Instagram post.

“I’m back in effect. Damn what the blogs talkin’ ‘bout," the rapper, born Leland Austin, says in the video. "I’m alive and full 'a flavor. Full 'a swag, man. All this gold on me."

A website called PoundOfSound reported the "murder." POS claimed to have a quote from an Atlanta "homicide detective Todd Scott," but police rep Kim Jones told HipHopDX that there is no Todd Scott on file as an employee of the Atlanta Police Department. The site claimed that Lay was pronounced dead at Grady, but a spokesperson said that they hadn't had anyone named Leland Austin admitted to their system.

L.A. collaborator Ricco Barrino also addressed the rumors via Twitter.

"Just talked to LA he isn't dead...futuristic love lives!!!," tweeted Barrino. "Had to stop the rumors...stop killing us off its already hard out here with the police SMH."