Atlanta rapper Yung Joc has taken part in some of the most notable and ignominious moments in recent hip-hop history. His all-but-forgotten appearance on T-Pain's 'Buy U a Drank' inadvertently lead to the birth of Auto-Tune, and his previous hit single, 'It's Goin' Down', helped usher in snap music and inspired Tom Cruise to do the motorcycle dance, Yung Joc has quietly played the background for several years.

Freeing himself from his contract with Bad Boy and signing with Polo Grounds/RCA in 2010, Joc has returned with a new mixtape, 'Ready to Fly,' and a second wind, inspired in part by former collaborator Chris Brown.

"I think this mixtape is definitely one of those ones that people should definitely check out, especially for the naysayers that's like, 'It's over for that guy.' That's cool too. There are a lot of cats that people say it's over for," Joc told MTV. "I remember on my last mixtape, 'Grind Flu,' I got a song with Chris Brown. I remember people were like, 'Why you got Chris on there? It's over for him.' Look at him now."

Though Joc's last mixtape dropped over two years back, he claims that he's now gearing up to release a deluge of new music.

"It's just funny how people jump ship so fast. It don't take but a little buzz, a little heat up under that frying pan to heat things up, and people are right back on the bandwagon," Joc explained. "Hopefully that's what this mixtape will do, because I'm gonna keep coming, dropping video after video."

'Ready to Fly' is, you guessed it, a tribute to Notorious B.I.G.'s classic debut 'Ready to Die,' even down to the cover art, which depicts a baby picture of Yung Joc. However, the music retains Joc's Down South sound, featuring guest appearances by Gucci Mane, 8Ball, Tity Boi and Yo Gotti.

"You can hear the pain in my voice on this record. Ain't nothing about it fake," Joc said of the tape's title track. "You hear from the beginning of the record to the end of the record, it's just how I feel and things I've been going through."

Check out Yung Joc's 'Ready to Fly' here.

Watch Yung Joc's 'Yeah Boy'
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