Young Thug, who simply goes by Jeffrey these days, recently sat down with V Magazine and talked about sporting a dress on the cover of his latest album. He also talked about his next project and what fans can expect from him musically.

As it's widely known by now, the Atlanta rapper has often spoke about gender identity in the past, and how he wished people were more open-minded, which is an opinion he doubled-down on in the V Magazine interview.

"Stop believing in genders," the rapper said.

Afterward, the Slime Season spitter talked about his Jeffrey project, and why he named songs after specific people like Kanye West— it all had to do with being inspired and honest with himself.

"I feel like a lot of artists today aren't that honest, and I just want to be honest, " explained Thug. "The names of the songs were really who I was thinking about when I was making them or who encouraged me to make them so it was really a moment of honesty for me. To the world it may be greatness, but to me it's just honest."

As far as the Rich Gang rapper's next album, he said the sound would be far different from his last and much more in-your-face. He also said it'll be a closer representation of who he is as a person.

"It'll probably be f------ 10 times harder than Jeffery," Thug stated. "Like this one was kind of Jeffery, but it was still kind of street. This one is gonna be just fully Jeffery."

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