Jeffery has finally been given a new release date (Aug. 26), and Young Thug also has dropped of the trailer for his new project.

The trailer is basically the Atlanta rapper declaring that his name is no longer "Young Thug." After being pressed by interrogators to claim the moniker he exasperatedly declares, "No, my name is Jeffery."

Jeffery has seen a couple of release dates come and go, and last week, Thugger went on Instagram to insist to apologize to all of his fans for the delay.

“The reason the mixtape isn’t out is because the photo they were going to use, I didn’t like the photo,” he said, adding that it’s important that the photo is not only pleasing to him, but to his fans as well.

Apparently, the photo situation has been resolved but the project is due out on Friday (Aug 26). He's released a couple of tracks since his apology, including one with Wyclef, "John," and another with T.I., "Bobby Womack," which features a verse from Thugger and a bouncy hook from T.I.

According to him, the name change was necessary because the mixtape represents a different side of him, information he shared on Travis Scott's new radio show, .Wav.

Jeffery is all about Jeffery,” said in the interview. “It ain’t even about Young Thug. Ain’t no Young Thug songs on there. The whole mixtape is straight crossover. I ain’t ready to go crossover yet […] I ain’t even fully ready yet, I give it eight more months, nine more months, everything will be perfecto.”

You can check out the trailer below.


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