Young Thug had unfortunate run-in with law enforcement over the weekend. On Sunday night (July 31), Thugga and his entourage was reportedly bum-rushed by an armed SWAT team in Pittsburgh, Pa.

According to TMZ, the venue’s security detail alerted the police about seeing someone in the rapper’s crew waving a gun.

As you can see in the clip above, authorities swarmed on a black Mercedes van and you can hear them yelling, "Hands Up!" More police officers converged on the vehicle and we can hear someone shouting, "Get Down!"

In the end, no one got hurt and no arrests were made. Thug's team did have four guns on them, but they were all licensed to carry and showed officers their paperwork on the scene.

Before the ruckus, Young Thug performed at Summer Jam at Southside Event Center along with fellow rappers PNB Rock and Hardo. Thankfully, the situation didn't get out of hand in light of this country's tragic events with law enforcement and civilians.

Young Thug had no comment on the matter.