Young Jeezy It's been five years since Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy dropped his 'Trap or Die' mixtape, and the sequel, fittingly titled 'Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary,' doesn't stray far from the mark.

The follow-up, which was released on Tuesday (May 4), is hosted and produced by longtime Jeezy collaborator Don Cannon, and boasts a collaboration with the Clipse on 'Ill'in'. Expect more of Jeezy's typical trap talk, albeit from a more worldly perspective.

"I feel like I'm at a different place in my life," he told MTV. "I'm not just sitting around with $300,000 in a Louis bag ... I am, but I ain't." Jeezy continued to explain that, while his life has changed since he first released 'Trap or Die' back in 2005, he's still "trapping or dying."

"To me, I wanted to do 'Trap or Die 2' because I'm still trapping or dying," Jeezy said. "Every day is a hustle for me. Ain't nothing guaranteed. I gotta get up and get it like I been doing since I was 13 years old. Because I'm doing bigger tours, the album is coming -- that don't mean I'm not trapping or dying or that ain't where my mind frame is at. You gotta feed the streets first. That's who gonna rock with you, win, lose or draw. Whether you riding or walking."

'Trap or Die 2' is a prelude to Jeezy's forthcoming fourth studio release, 'TM103,' which is scheduled for a summer 2010 release. To download the 'Trap or Die 2' mixtape head here.