It looks like the Snowman is preparing to make it a hot summer. Yesterday (May 18), Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy revealed that his long delayed fourth album, 'TM 103,' is finally complete.

Earlier in the evening, veteran journalist Shaheem Reid revealed that for the first time ever, Jeezy would be sending out a message himself via Twitter.

"In the lab with the Snowman so it is only right. At 1:03AM I'm going to give you some exclusive Jeezy news," he tweeted.

Shortly thereafter, "#TM103 Is Done!!! The Summer Will Be Crazy!!!," tweeted Jeezy.

'TM103' -- short for 'Thug Motivation 103' -- was originally to be released as early as 2009, before its numerous delays. A number of singles have been released that were attached to the project, including 'Lose My Mind' featuring Plies, 'All White Everything' featuring Yo Gotti and 'Jizzle' featuring Lil Jon. The album's latest single is the Lil Lody-produced 'Ballin'' featuring Lil Wayne.

The Snowman recently inked Gary, Ind. rapper Freddie Gibbs to his CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) label. Def Jam has yet to confirm a release date for 'TM103.'

Watch Young Jeezy' s 'Lose My Mind'
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