In two weeks, Young Jeezy drops 'TM103,' the long-awaited final installment of his 'Thug Motivation' trilogy. Taken together, the albums constitute an advanced course in gangsta living, and that makes 'The Real is Back 2,' the Atlanta MC's brand new mixtape, the hip-hop equivalent of summer reading.

As the name suggests, 'The Real is Back 2' is the sequel to another freebie collection released earlier this year. It's also the Snowman's sixth such record since his last proper album, 2008's 'The Recession.'

"Truth be told, this s--- we give you is like a religion to the streets," mixtape host DJ Drama announces on the lead track, 'Real is Back 2 (Intro).'

From there, Jeezy takes the mic and slur-barks his way through 11 cuts, many of which feature Slick Pulla and Freddie Gibbs -- both signees to his CTE record label. Birdman drops by for 'Trump,' on which Jeezy likens himself to the host of 'The Apprentice,' while 211 guests on 'Bandana,' all about rolling up in a Bentley "like 'Phantom of the Opera.'"

Download Young Jeezy's 'The Real Is Back 2' here. His 'Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition' LP arrives Sept. 20.

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