Looks like Young Jeezy's 'TM103' may just get a release date after all. After debuting the visuals for his Lil Wayne-assisted banger 'Ballin'' last week, the Atlanta native serves up a new single off the forthcoming effort, a "celebratory" track titled 'Shake Life.'

The Snowman isn't departing from his usual talk of big money and brushing off his naysayers. "Got a million on my mind while I'm brushing my teeth ... got a million motherf------ throwin' salt on my name/ Million motherf------ throwin' salt in my game," he raps in his signature raspiness on the track, which samples Toto's 'Georgy Porgy' beat. Famed female rhymer MC Lyte made the beat a hit as well when she nabbed it for her early '90s hit 'Poor Georgie.'

Besides letting the track loose during a recent interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez, Jeezy let listeners know that the effort has been a long time coming. "New York City, this is what I been telling you about," he stated.

Whatever trials and tribulations he may have faced in crafting his new LP, the storied MC is putting it all aside and relishing in a good time. "I don't know I'm going out tonight doe/ And drink 'til I'm f----- up like them white folks/ I know it look bad it's gon' be alright/ Keep them bottles coming we gon' be here all night/ Roll them Swishers up we about to take flight/ Need a set of new dice, yeah about the shake life," the trap star rhymes on the song.

Jeezy's oft-delayed fourth album, 'Thug Motivation 103,' is scheduled to get a release date that he'll reveal at an upcoming New York City show on July 25.

Listen to Young Jeezy's 'Shake Life'

Watch Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne in 'Ballin''

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