More than three years after originally dropping the "Young" from his name, Jeezy is now officially grown up.

In an interview with Sway on MTV RapFix Live, the Atlanta stalwart cut off his host after an intriguing discussion about President Barack Obama and how the prez joked about rapping some Jeezy lyrics during his second term.

As soon as Sway says the name "Young Jeezy," the rapper cuts him off and proclaims, "It's Jeezy now, we dropped the 'young.' I'm grown now, I did enough of that." He goes on to say that he's a grown man now (he's 35 years old, for reference) with matured money.

Fans of the 'Thug Motivation' rapper might recall that he had previously moved to simply go by Jeezy some three years ago with the release of the single 'Lose My Mind' via Rap-Up. But ensuing projects continued to throw the "Young" in front of his name before he could finally put that part of his rapper alias to rest.

You can watch the interview above.