Young Jeezy has been hit with a $75,000 lawsuit for failing to appear at a concert in the Virgin Islands.

The 'Thug Motivation 103' creator was named in the suit, filed in the Virgin Islands on Friday (June 24). According to TMZ, Paid 4 Entertainment reached out to the Atlanta rapper in March to perform at the planned show on June 18. Representatives for Paid 4 claim that "Jeezy's people," which may include his management, informed them 12 days prior to the scheduled performance date that he would possibly have a conflict. As a result, Jeezy "was considering not appearing."

Paid 4 Entertainment was willing to work with the rhymer, known for his Kanye West-assisted hit 'Put On,' and reached a new agreement with him to appear the following day, June 19. The entertainment company even went as far as providing Jeezy with a private jet, which he failed to board.

In the lawsuit, the company is suing for fraud and wants more than $75,000 in damages.

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