Young Jeezy is ramping up for his much-anticipated 'Thug Motivation 103' with a new Jay-Z-referencing summer single entitled 'All White Everything.' The track is being plugged by some as the first official single from the rapper's new album, even though Jeezy has put up a steady stream of radio and club-related bangers, such as the inescapable 'Lose My Mind,' in recent months.

The song's theme and title form a pointed seasonal counterpoint to Hov's "all black everything" proclamation that was all over his recent fall and winter-dominating 'Blueprint 3' record, as well as subsequent touring and public appearances. Of course, for Jeezy, the "white" takes on a few additional meanings beyond clothing with the rapper talking his trademark drug and lifestyle slang all over the track.

"White Benz/ White Porsche/ White Bent/ White Range/ White 'Vet/ White brains/ All white everything," raps Jeezy in his husky, melodic mode. "All white everything/ I'm about to kill 'em this summer/ I'm doing all white everything."

So, white for the summer and black for the winter? Sounds like Jeezy's been staying up on his mass-market fashion tips. The track features a menacing synth-heavy beat that should satisfy fan demand in both the clubs and streets simultaneously. As far the sort of pop factor people look for on a single from a major hip-hop record in 2010, Jeezy stays true to what he does best -- rapping dirty over a dramatic gutter beat and never forgetting that his inimitable voice is the ultimate weapon.

You can grab the track directly from Jeezy's website starting June 17 at 1:03PM.