Young Jeezy has stepped forward to put a swift end to the supposed beef brewing between himself and Rick Ross.

The trouble began with the release of Ross' track 'B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)' which seemed to tick off Jeezy with its empty references to the notorious drug crew, Black Mafia Family. Jeezy unleashed a response with his track 'B.M.F. (The Real Blowin' Money Fast), which featured a phone-recorded verse from his friend and incarcerated BMF crime leader Big Meech. Next, the ATL rapper followed up with the track 'Death B4 Dishonor' -- a freestyle over Rick Ross' 'B.M.F.' beat -- which seemed to target the Teflon Don, with the line: "How you blowing money fast, you don't know the crew/Oh, you past of the fam; shit, I never knew."

But according to the Snowman, the line wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. Jeezy told MTV News that he has no bad blood with Ross. "It's not a dis," Jeezy said. "First of all, I'm not gonna get nothing out of dissing that guy. That's one. What am I gonna get out of dissing him? I think sometimes people can read into things too deep. They trippin' man. They crazy out there. Basically, if homie takes that as a dis, he's insecure."

Jeezy claims that 'The Real B.M.F.' had been recorded before Ross even released 'B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast). He also went on to say that the seeming jabs at Ross were just general statements. "That's for anybody. I got n----s in prison behind that s---. I feel that if you speaking on s---, you gotta at least know who you talking about," Jeezy said. "That's like n----- speaking on Cash Money: If he ain't never been a part of Cash Money, [then] I'mma speak it better if I'm past of Cash Money. To me [Black Mafia Family] was real. I know all the members. Who would would say a line like that but me?"

'Death B4 Dishonor' is the lead track of Jeezy's new mixtape '1,000 Grams.' His fourth studio album 'TM103' is slated to drop before the end of the year.