Following a shooting at a Young Jeezy concert in Toronto just after midnight on April 5, one man is in serious but stable condition.

According to the Toronto Star, a 26-year-old man was shot three times in the torso at Sound Academy around 12:30 a.m. following performances by the opening acts, but prior to Young Jeezy taking the stage. Once the shooting took place the show didn't continue.

According to Catherine Fowler, a venue spokesperson, those in attendance heard shots but found no evidence of damage or gunfire. Police and investigators are continuing their search for a suspect or suspects. The victim was taken to St. Michael's Hospital by somebody aside from paramedics.

"Backstage @ Sound Academy in Toronto!" Jeezy tweeted earlier this morning. "Police closed venue and cancelled the greatest show!!! I will be back! Next stop London, Ontario!"

Some who went to the concert took to their Twitter accounts and blogs to shed more light on what happened, including "Notaurious." "One thing that surprised me about getting in was how weak of a search I got and how Sound Academy's security was so relaxed," Notaurious said, adding that people waiting ahead in the line "joked about the weak pat down."

After musicians Charlie Brown and Crazy Chris returned to the stage, "Notaurious" said the crowd was getting restless before later hearing "pops," but thinking they were from the mixtape being played.

"Then there was a break in the music and you look up and I see everyone just running for the doors," he said. "We saw people coming by our area so we got behind the merch table."

The writer added that after the shooting the venue's house lights came on with police on the scene. Then, about "15 to 20 minutes" later security asked everybody to leave.

Young Jeezy has yet to announce a makeup date for the cancellation.

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