Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy wasn't taking any chances with the recent swine flu outbreak and chose to cancel a performance at the University of Delaware. It is believed that up to 10 students at the college are suffering from the contagious virus.

"While the Centers for Disease Control have not yet confirmed any swine flu diagnoses, I have no doubt that these suspected cases are causing a great deal of concern among the entire campus community," said the school's president Patrick T. Harker. "The University's first priority is the health and well-being of our students and employees. Therefore, we are working closely with the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) to safeguard student, staff, and faculty health." The university will remain open they will decide whether to continue to hold large public events case-by-case.

The flu, which has been upgraded to a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has claimed the lives of over 100 people in Mexico. The entertainment world has been taking note, canceling two movie premieres in Mexico. A 23-month-old little boy who traveled to the South American country before returning back to his home in Texas is believed to be the first U.S. casualty.

Upwards of 100 schools have been closed as a precaution. "We want to make sure that school closure is in fact lowering the risk of spread in a community," said acting director of the CDC, Richard Besser.

Jeezy was set to appear alongside up-and-coming rapper Drake. Students can contact the school's box office for refunds.

On the Scene

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