The initial hearing for Young Calicoe will be held today (Nov. 27). The Detroit based rapper, born Toranio Hightower, faces felony charges for animal fighting and gambling after a video of him running a cockfighting operation in his home circulated the internet.

When officials went to raid his house they found eight dogs, three roosters and three hens -- incriminating evidence to say the least. Hightower now faces three counts, including conspiracy to gamble, animal fighting and conspiracy to commit animal fighting.

The rapper himself hasn't said much since he was convicted, but his attorney had an interesting spin on the video. The lawyer representing Hightower and two others, Daryl Eason, told that the pitbulls were well cared for and the video circulating must have been a skit.

"Tell others to look at rap videos and see who you can convict, based just on what you see. You saw a happy, healthy pit bull in the video," Eason said.

If Calicoe is convicted he'll face up to 13 years in prison.

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