Young Buck hasn't had a great summer. In July, the former G-Unit member revealed that his career was still suffering after fallout with his former boss 50 Cent. Shortly after, the feds and IRS agents raided Buck's Nashville home to collect on his $300,000 tax debt.

But that isn't stopping Buck from keeping on with his music career. The emcee just announced the impending release of his third solo album 'The Rehab,' set for release on September 7. The album has already spawned the singles 'Ya Better Know It,' 'When the Rain Stops' and 'Hood Documentary,' a diss track aimed at 50.

"I'm just letting you know, go pick up that album, 'The Rehab,' it's in stores September 7," said Buck in a promo video. "Salute to the streets, salute to all my fans, it's about to get crazy. Holla."

The album, originally intended for release in September 2008, will be released via Real Talk Entertainment and Fontana, fueling speculation that he had been released from his binding contract with G-Unit Records. Buck makes vague reference to his label situation on 'Hood Documentary,' growling, "No matter how long this n---- own me on that contract s---, I gotta get to the money. And if you don't understand that, then f--- you, n----!"