Young Buck is not going to take his recent financial lying down. According to reports, the Nashville rapper is suing the IRS over a raid of his home back in August. The feds (acting on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service) raided the former G-Unit soldier's Nashville home in an attempt to levy his belongings to pay off his $300,000 tax debt. The federal agents seized recording equipment, furniture and jewelry.

Initially, Buck didn't argue with raid and admitted wrongdoing to TMZ. "This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music," Buck told TMZ. "From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business."

But, according to Nashville's local NBC affiliate, Buck is rapping another tune and suing the IRS. Buck's belongings were to scheduled to be auctioned off yesterday (Oct. 28), but the auction was called off by the government agency. Buck's lawsuit claims the raid prevented him from being able to make money to pay off his large debt. We're assuming the rapper's lawsuit has something to do with the raid leaving him without recording equipment, this making it hard for him to work on an album.

On a positive note, Buck is set to release the sequel to his 2009 mixtape 'Back on My Buck S---' at midnight on Halloween (Oct. 31). The 'tape, 'Back on My Buck S--- 2,' hosted by Sirius' HoodRich host DJ Scream and Southern Smoke's DJ Smallz, features production by Drumma Boy and will be available for download at

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