Estranged G-Unit rapper Young Buck claims that he is being blackballed by his former mentor, 50 Cent.

Buck was ousted from the group in 2008, following the release of his platinum-selling debut, 'Welcome to Cashville,' and has been at odds with his former groupmates ever since.

According to Buck, 50 Cent is working to destroy his career, barring him from releasing new music.

"His reaction, being so harsh, is to basically stall me out to a position where I lose everything, to where my numbers drop," Young Buck said in a recent interview. "Because if you don't have a new product out, then you can't go get the big dollar for your shows. [He wants] to pretty much destroy my life from a silent-sided way of doing things. That's his angle, and my contracts allow him to be able to do that."Buck went on to state that, while he is still in high demand and has been offered opportunities to work with top-shelf artists like Lil Wayne, 50 has blocked all collaborations.

"The problem is, I go to be a feature on their hit record, and then they have to go to 50 Cent to clear me on the record, and he says, 'No.' And they're looking like, 'Well, damn' - cause if it wasn't for that I would probably be on every record that's out right now, cause everybody and their mama reaches out and gives me support," Buck explained.

Despite his situation, Buck vowed to continue moving forward with his career, and will be releasing several mixtapes in the near future.