Young Buck's career hasn't been going in a positive direction for quite awhile. The one-time G-Unit rapper was banished from the crew and essentially blacklisted by 50 Cent, who still owns his recording contract. So, what's a rapper to do in order to win back the good graces of the public? We don't think Young Buck really knows.

Earlier this week at a gig in Tempe, Ariz., he caught a lot of flack for dissing the venue and his fans while showing an overall lack of professionalism.

"I have worked for this club for several years and have seen many famous cats from all types of music come through," said an anonymous member of the event staff. "Let me just say Young Buck was one of the rudest people towards some of the staff. During his show, which by the way was an all age event, he stopped in the middle of a song to insult a few young girls that were sitting on the stage."

Taking digs at fans is always a bad move for an artist. The worker claims that comments made toward the girls were borderline appropriate. The anonymous employee even went on to say that the female concertgoers were too young to have insults like that made against them.

"He basically told these young girls to get their ugly asses of his stage then asked how old they were," he continued. "When they replied 9 years old, he continued to insult them and the father approached the stage at which point he begins to insult the father for defending his daughters."

Eventually, the staff had to remove the father and his daughters from the venue for fears that Buck's entourage could potentially create a security problem. Not the best night for the former G-Unit sidekick who continues to appeal to fans by saying 50 Cent has ruined his life.