Young Buck has been in the game for three decades, but he had one of the biggest years of his career in 2014, for obvious reasons: G-Unit is back. The 33-year-old isn't just winning because of his association; Buck gets credit for making the most of his spotlight. He's been spitting some of G-Unit's best verses throughout the past year -- take 'Ahhh S---' for instance.

Buck is also working on solo material, too. His next release will be the seventh solo studio album of his career and his first in five years, which is the longest delay between solo releases in his career. His single, 'Bring My Bottles,' which Young Buck describes as having an 'In Da Club' feel, isn't just a banger; it's a reminder the rapper has been revived.

The G-Unit soldier isn't revealing a release date for that project just yet, but it's clear he's optimistic about what's going down in the next few months. Yong Buck opens up to The Boombox about what to expect on 'The Beast Is G-Unit,' which arrives March 3, his support for other recent New York rap reunions and being in the spotlight again. Find out what he has to say below.

How did the ‘Bring the Bottles’ video come about?

Shout out to Eif Rivera for what he did with that video. Under the circumstance shooting the video, me and him were nervous.

The video was shot in the club, and we actually shot the video in New York City. But during the time we shot the video, it had just started raining crazy out of nowhere. I was stupid cold outside, so it was like we were [worried] about people showing up to shoot the video itself. So we sit there and waited and waited, and before we knew it, people were lining up. I was like, ‘Oh s---, this was gon’ be good.’” I knew this was gonna be good because the people were dedicated to actually wanting to be a part of the video. It turned me up an extra notch.

It almost gives me that ‘In Da Club’ feel, man. If I were to compare anything to that video, it’s that ‘In Da Club’ video.

What does that song say about you?

I think for the most part 'Bring My Bottles' lets people know where Young Buck is at right now. The hook of the record just puts you in the club atmosphere and let’s you understand where I’m at. When you break down those verses, it lets you know where I’ve been to where I’m at now.

A lot of people think you had the strongest verses during the G-Unit comeback. Does that put extra pressure on you?

It means I got to work harder. It means I’m finally getting some attention. I’m finally getting people to pay attention to Buck, and I’ve worked so hard.

All you can do is just give them you, and that’s what I’ve done throughout everything. Throughout all my trials and tribulations, I’ve just been consistent with giving them me and who I am. It’s like I never tried to go into being nobody else. Of course, I’ve tried different things with the music because I believe that’s what makes a good artist … As far as myself, I’ve always been comfortable with the skin I’m in.

It’s like anything. Once you get a dose of this realness, you don’t won’t that fake s--- no more.

What was your favorite song you’ve released?

I think my favorite is yet to come.

A lot of other guys started doing their reunions, too. Shout-outs to Dipset … Let’s try to get some money out here together. I have no problem having a G-Unit vs. Dipset type of thing. Not no type of real life beef s---, but just for the fans. I’d pay some money to see that. You throw some LOX on that bill... There aren’t a lot of real groups out there in hip-hop.

We might be one of the most successful, and we’re not the only ones. The fans appreciate groups that remain together, but they expect you to go through bulls---. I don’t think they expected to see some of the things that even G-Unit went through. Some people didn’t actually expect us to break up, and when you do break up, they don’t expect you to get back amongst each other. When that happens, it’s life, man.

Did the Dipset and the LOX movements inspire you as well?

I wouldn’t say it inspired us … I think anytime you got a bunch of real n----s together, it’s meant to stay together. Anybody can grow as individuals, but it’s always stronger together. I like to see togetherness. I’m from the south; we believe in southern hospitality. We just don’t play no games. The average southern brother lives off this moral. We do not go for no disrespect.

When is the solo album coming?

50 Cent could say, "No, we’re going with a [Lloyd Banks] album," and Banks is gonna be ready. "We’re gonna go with a Kidd Kidd album." Kidd Kidd’s gonna be ready. Or Yayo’s gonna be ready. Either one of us is gonna be ready. But from what I’ve been told, it’s like, "Yo Buck, get ready."

Real life soldier s---. Chain of command s--- with G-Unit. That’s how it moves. Will you get a solo album from Young Buck? Yes. Will it be the next thing to come after the EP [or album]? Keep your fingers crossed. I hope so.

Where does that mentality come from?

Where the industry is at right now, we were there five years ago. So it’s like working five years ahead of everything. Five years ago I was being told about Instagram. Five years ago I was already being told that music was about to go digital -- maybe six to seven years ago.

When we were going through that war as brothers, a lot of guys played off that and used that time to put out the bulls---. The fake s--- to be honest with you. It’s not wrong to get away with the bulls--- when you have a bunch of real individuals in a position of power. But, to me, those individual got taken out of position of power for a moment.

The brand of G-Unit never got taken out of a position of power. But the turmoil…and the things that we went through with each other, it hindered that fan to say hold on, let’s see what’s up.

What happens is you have these other guys who may not come from the environment, may not live the life or may not speak on the things G-Unit [does]… but they became relevant or in positions of power. Every that they’re speaking on is lies and fake, but they’re actually winning because the music is ‘good.’ Regardless of how good the music is, the person that you’re following is a lie. It’s easy to fall victim to that because I even fell victim to it. But the minute the real is in your face, you have something to compare that s--- to.

We need different kinds of music, but we don’t need different kinds of fake ass artists in the game. When I say fake-ass artist, I mean that I respect artists who are themselves. Not from the environment, don’t come from the hood, never dealt with this life. It’s cool not to be from this life, bro. But to portray it, you making mother---ers like myself who lived this life by force — not by choice… we’re just looking at this s--- like, ‘Damn.’ That’s where the problem comes in.

What can we expect from ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’?

You’re going to get more street than what you got out of ‘The Beauty of Independence.’ I think that record had more of a commercial feel to it. This one is straight into the gutter, into the bone gristle. It’s ‘The Beast.’

These are actually two EPs we released. They’re "albums," but at the same time, but keep in mind we have solo albums and G-Unit albums to get to. We view them as mixtapes. You’re still going to get everything, but you have to understand we have have to keep the fans fed while we prepare the meal

Are you working with the same producers who were on ‘The Beauty of Independence’?

Not at all. The way this s--- goes with me is that I have them hand be the beats without knowing who the producer is. I don’t want to be biased behind the producer’s name; I want to choose music for music. Say if Dr. Dre made the beat, hey all power to him. But say little Eric from around the corner that made the beat and I picked it, that does two things: It works for me because I found what I wanted and I actually helped the other guy.

Check out Young Buck perform Feb. 12 at the Fillmore in Silver Springs, Md., and Feb. 13 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

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