The Princess of R&B Aaliyah is gone but certainly not forgotten. Her influence on pop culture, fashion and, of course, music continues to shine bright more than a decade after her untimely death in 2001.

It’s no secret the singer changed the game with her R. Kelly-produced 1994 debut, ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.’ Then without missing a beat -- while still maintaining her studies -- she dropped her iconic sophomore effort, ‘One in A Million,’ catapulting herself into stardom. But how Aaliyah came to steal the hearts of millions is part of a bigger legacy beyond the music. She grew up with a famous aunt and displayed star talent, dominating the main stage at an early age. Aaliyah was truly a triple threat destined to weave her imprint throughout the entertainment industry.

With three groundbreaking albums coupled with her budding acting career, the trendsetting songbird’s accomplishments are endless. Over the course of her short-lived career, she acquired more than 20 awards paving the way for generations of R&B divas to come. Find out which TV show she auditioned for when she was just a kid, which network scored her final interview, the story behind her eye-covering bangs and more in You Think You Know R&B? -- the Aaliyah edition.