Earlier this week, Yo Gotti released 'LeBron James,' the latest track from his upcoming album, 'I Am,' in which he compares himself to the league's reigning MVP. "I’m LeBron James, you a f—ing rookie," he declared over the apocalyptic production.

For a rapper who you rarely hear mentioned in current top five conversations, and only flirted with mainstream success in the last few years, that was a bold claim, to say the least. But as Gotti himself explains in this studio vlog, he was comparing himself to King James before he won his first championship ring.

With his sixth LP -- lead by the street anthem 'Act Right' featuring Jeezy and YG -- poised to become his most successful release yet (the accompanying tour has almost sold-out all 40 dates), the Memphis rapper feels like LeBron "at the free throw line [about to take the] game-winning shot."

"Everybody liked LeBron but he didn't have a ring," he said. "He had the money, he had the swag, he had everything. But he didn't have a ring. That's how I feel; the money don't mean anything to me no more, cars don't mean nothing to me, the jewelry don't mean nothing. I want to put some numbers up."

Yo Gotti's first album since taking his CMG imprint to Epic Records, 'I Am' is scheduled to hit stores Nov. 19. Let's call it Gotti's Game 7.