You keep the people behind the rope and they'll go crazy. Last week at the Velvet Rope, a popular nightclub in Baltimore, a Yo Gotti concert turned violent after some severe overbooking. According to reports, bouncers started denying hundreds of ticket holders after the room reached capacity. The crowd became angry and over 300 people tried to bum rush the show. That went about as well as you can imagine.

50 police officers -- with requisite helicopter -- were called in to get the scene under control, but two men got into a street shootout that resulted in mutual injuries. While the shots occurred away from the club melee, the whole situation doesn't exactly bode well for the Velvet Rope's future.

"There is no way this club is in any way responsible, said Paul H. Gardner, an attorney hired by the club to the Baltimore Sun. "The shooting didn't happen inside the club. It didn't happen right outside the club. Security did everything they were supposed to do."

Either way, Matthew Craighead, a 26-year-old local was tied to a .45 caliber handgun and arrested at the crime scene. Baltimore city officials have seen a repeated violent pattern associated with the Velvet Rope and are now calling for the close of the club.