The newest kids on the rap game are, literally, kids. The Y.N. RichKids, a Minneapolis, Minn.,-based collective, have gained quite a bit of attention for their fun, snack-endorsing video "Hot Cheetos & Takis."

One of the great things about the song is the different style the young rappers employ. They may be on the come-up but they have already developed distinct lyrical expressions. The content is also commendable, including a memorable line referencing Jay-Z and Kanye West's newly minted phrase of "going ham."

"My mama said, 'Have you had enough?'/ I looked and I said, 'No ma'am'/ I go ham, in the grocery store/ Orange Fanta and Takis/ Ridin' with my allowance, so nobody can stop me," one rhymer spits.

The topic and lyrics are certainly age-appropriate, but by no means boring. Progressive as these youngsters are, their crew, who are all part of an after school program called Beats and Rhymes, includes a female rapper. Her focus is centered on doing the dougie dance, which gets her so hungry she needs more Cheetos.

Unsurprisingly, the track has sparked an unprecedented interest in the Takis snack, which apparently are a sort of rolled up tortilla chip that resembles taquitos and come in a variety of spicy flavors.