Atlanta's strip-club-loving duo the Ying Yang Twins are back with a new album, and what they hope will be seen as a new sound. Named for Miami's pioneering hip-hop act 2 Live Crew, the CD will feature trademark party tunes from longtime producer Mr. Collipark, plus contributions from another "hip" hit maker.

"I'm co-executive producing it with one of hip-hop's legends, Wyclef Jean," said Collipark while attending Orlando's TJ's DJ's Music Conference. "We're gonna do, like, 75 percent of the album together, and it's ridiculous! It's huge music, international music. I didn't think we'd be able to top creatively what we did on the last one, but this one is blowing it out the water."

The man who first made noise in '05 with his trademark intimate club records like the Twins' 'Wait' and David Banner's 'Play' only plans to move forward.

"A lot of people came at me for the sound, but you know, the whisper record was so big that you can't keep trying to redo that. So many people are stealing and borrowing from what we did, I don't even wanna do it anymore," he said. "But we continue to make sexy music. That's my job -- to try to figure out a new way to make it bigger."

The first single, 'Dangerous,' is at radio now. '2 Live Crew' drops in late November.