Rapper YG's concert in Edmonton, Canada over the weekend turned into a water fight.

Fresh off rocking a 20-minute set at this year's OVO Fest, the West Coast rhymer started a brawl by throwing water into the crowd and then punching a guy in the face.

According to TMZ, it all started when the 'Who Do You Love' artist lost his voice just two songs into his performance. Once he realized it was gone for the night, he began throwing water into the crowd, which is never a good move in a room full of young hip-hoppers. Afterward, YG jumped off the stage and attacked someone and that's when a full-on brawl ensued.

In the accompanying video, you can see a number of fans pelting water bottles on to the stage, forcing everyone to leave and take cover. From there, random fights break out among the unruly crowd, as security steps in to restore some order.

Sadly, for the Canadian club, there's a good chance it might lose its license because of the melee, and owners are deciding whether or not to press charges against YG.