YG is undoubtedly one of the most outspoken rappers in the game. This year, he delivered one of the angriest protest songs with “FDT” (F---- Donald Trump) featuring Nipsey Hussle. Now he’s back, and this time he’s addressing the problematic issue of policing in America. “One Time Comin’” is a G-funkified banger with the Bompton native dedicating the song to the victims of police brutality.

Over whining synthesizers replicating police sirens, YG raps about how black men are often the target of police.

"Oh s---, oh s---, drivin' while black on some floss s--- / Gotta stay strapped, stay cautious / Young n---- ain't tryna see the coffin / Oh s---, oh s---, one time got behind me, we all sick / Hurry up, put the gun in the stash, calm yo ass / Put your hands up, you know how the law get," he raps.

YG then aims his vitriol at the po-po, rapping, "You think you hard with your badge huh? / Pop you a n----, then you laugh, huh? / Think our life don't matter? / 'Cause our family's scattered?"

"One Time Comin'" marks YG's first new song since the release of his second effort, Still Brazy. You can stream the song via Apple Music below or cop it on iTunes.

Listen to YG's "One Time Comin'"