If you don’t know by now, YG and Nipsey Hussle are not huge fans of Donald Trump. To further cement their cause, the duo performed a sanitized version of “FDT” (aka “F--- Donald Trump) for The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore on Friday (July 22).

No matter how clean the song is the message is quite clear for both YG and Hussle - DO NOT VOTE for the Republican nominee. The California duo flipped their “F--- Donald Trump” chant into a cleaner “No Donald Trump” call and response, but they did yell a few profanities during their TV-friendly performance, which comes just in time for the kick off of the Democratic National Convention later tonight (July 25). While neither rapper has endorsed Hillary Clinton, they definitely have some words for Trump.

"Oh, I'm about turn Black Panther / Don't let Donald Trump win he cancer / He's too rich, he doesn't have the answers," raps YG, adding, "No we can't be a slave for him / He got me appreciating Obama way more."

Meanwhile, Hussle spits, “Am I trippin? Let me know / I thought all that Donald Trump nonsense was a joke...if you vote Trump you probably on dope."

“FDT” is a track from YG’s latest release, Still Brazy. The Compton native was in L.A. last week shooting a video for another song from the album, "Why You Hatin'" featuring Drake.

Watch YG and Nipsey Hussle’s politically charged performance above.