Compton rapper YG has been very vocal about his stance on Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump since he began running for office.

He's now taken his hatred for Trump to a new, yet creative, level. During one of his recent performances, the Still Brazy lyricist invited a few of his fans on stage to beat a piñata shaped to look like Trump. YG took the first swing and everyone followed, beating the Trump piñata until it burst into small pieces. The rapper threw the remains into the crowd and went straight into performing his well-known song, "FDT (F--k Donald Trump)".

The "FDT" song has become a political anthem for many who strongly disagree with the actions and statements made by Mr. Trump during this election season.

But not everyone has been pleased with the controversial song. YG has explained that Secret Service had been in contact with him over the single. "Secret Service hollering at the label," he said back in April. "They asked to see the lyrics on my album to see if I'm talking about [Trump] on my album, because if I'm talking about him on my album they're going to try and take it off the shelves."

His album Still Brazy made it to stores, and was never "taken off the shelves." The interaction apparently hasn't dissuaded YG from continuing to forcefully speak out about Trump either.

You can view the video of YG and a few of his fans breaking the Trump piñata here.

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