YG takes viewers even deeper into his "krazy life" with his new short film, ‘Blame It on the Streets,' and its accompanying soundtrack.

Bompton’s own already let us into his world earlier this year with his debut album, 'My Krazy Life,' and now the West Coast MC is taking it a step further with visuals inspired by his singles ‘BPT’ and ‘Meet the Flockers.' The 'Bicken Back Being Bool' rapper talked to REVOLT TV about flexing his acting chops and the details surrounding his cinematic debut.

‘Blame It on the Streets,’ which co-stars YG, Rick Gonzales (‘Coach Carter’) and Jade Yorker (‘He Got Game’) was written by the rapper himself and Lucky Rogers. The film details YG’s gang banging lifestyle before he scored his big record deal. Of course YG couldn’t drop a film without an accompanying soundtrack.

"The soundtrack will feature nine to 10 tracks, I got like three new ones and its a of couple remixes," YG told REVOLT. Like the various versions of his hit 'My N----,' the 'Blame It on the Streets' soundtrack will be saturated in guest appearances, mainly from YG’s labelmates Mack 10, DJ Quik and Jay 305, among others.

‘Blame it on the Streets’ the film and the soundtrack will be released on Dec. 15.

YG’s ‘Blame It on the Streets’ Tracklist

1. ‘BPT Live’
2. ‘Bicken Back Being Bool (Remix)’ feat. Big Wy, Mack 10 & DJ Quik
3. ‘Blame It On The Streets’ feat. Jay 305
4. ‘Ride With Me’ feat. RJ & Nipsey Hussle
5. ‘Me & My Bitch (The NBHD Remix)’
6. ‘If I Ever’ feat. TeeCee 4800 & Charlie Hood
7. ‘G$FB’ feat. Slim 400, D Lo & RJ
8. ‘OMMIO Freestyle’ feat. RJ
9. ’2015 Flow’

Watch the Trailer for YG's 'Blame it On the Streets' Trailer