Having just signed with Eminem's Shady Records, Alabama rapper Yelawolf called TheBoomBox from Las Vegas, where he is finishing work on his forthcoming debut, 'Radioactive,' which is slated for a March release.

"We've been out here for three days and we're like five records deep already," Yela said of the album, which is being largely produced in-house. "Basically it's all Ghet-O-Vision right now. Pooh Bear's up in there writing, it's all in house, just the family."

While he wouldn't disclose the features on the album, Yela promised some big surprises. "We're takin' it record for record," he explained. "We've done all of our features like that, we do the song first and then we'll see. You can definitely expect to here some big features on this project, though. Some dope features."

Yela also discussed his relationship with Shady, addressing concerns about the label's history of shelving similarly celebrated up-and-coming rappers. "Nah, not at all," he answered, in regard to whether he worried about being shelved. "We partnered up, this is a Ghet-O-Vision/Shady situation, we don't plan on comin' weak. I'm comin' out hard; I'm in the studio writing records for the sake of making a great album."

Watch Yelawolf 'Gadsden Alabama'

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