Nothing about Alabama native YelaWolf's appearance would lead you to believe that he's one of the nicest up-and-coming MC's in the game. Be that as it may, his recent mixtape 'Trunk Muzik,' proves that the lanky skater with the catfish tattoo, homemade haircut and sick doubletime is more than capable of crafting solid songs with catchy hooks and jawdropping cadence.

We sat down with Wolf in our New York City office to discuss his background; from his Cherokee father whom he never really knew, growing up a hardcore skater in a town full of rednecks, to his recent music video for 'Pop the Trunk' which features his stepfather, "the hardest man alive." YelaWolf's nasal voice and ridiculous flow already have people drawing inevitable comparisons to another white MC.

Having recently provided hooks for Juelz Santana's 'Mixing Up the Medicine' and Slim Thug's 'I Run,' and absolutely murdering his verse on G-Side's 'Who's Hood,' YelaWolf is sure to be that next dude you're checking for.