It isn't often that a debut album receives a near classic rating from one of the most prestigious

publications in its respective genre. Somehow, Alabama-based Yelawolf has accomplished that. Without even thinking in those terms as he worked on his first LP, 'Radioactive,' the Shady Records artist has received four-and-a-half mics in The Source magazine.

"Honestly, I always try and make classics, or timeless music that'll last me a lifetime," Yelawolf tells The BoomBox. "I'm maturing as an artist, as a man, as a father and I just put my all into the album and I'm grateful. I'm more happy about that. But I do wish they'd a gave me five

[laughs]. I want my other half a mic!"

His 2010 mixtape, 'Trunk Muzik,' is what made Shady CEO Eminem sign him, but Yelawolf has been rapping for a lot longer, in between doing everything else for a living, including fishing in Alaska. With the release of 'Radioactive' quickly approaching, Yelawolf is hoping to prove that he was able to maintain his own flair even while being mentored by a superstar.

"Marshall's the homie," the rapper states of his boss. "I mean, I signed to Shady because he understood who I was and the music I made, he was a fan of what I was doing. He's already been through it himself, you know? So, if anyone understands not to taint someone's creative views or style, it's him. You don't wanna sign someone up and flip it on them. Nah, he's the best. He's fully involved but he's never trying to steer or change, he's just there to be there for support and to add his genius."

Yelawolf's Shady/Interscope debut, 'Radioactive,' will be released on Nov. 21.