A New Jersey police officer is blaming officials at Rutgers University after its annual Rutgersfest concert, featuring Yelawolf and Pitbull, ended in violence Friday (April 15).

New Brunswick, N.J. police director, Pete Mangarella, slammed the educational institution for putting the wheels in motion for what turned out to be a night of violence, causing two shootings, five injuries and resulting in 11 arrests. "We were trying to get the university to curtail this last year," said Mangarella. "The city's concerns over this event are falling on deaf ears."

Even though the violence did not take place on the Rutgers campus, Mangarella called the event, which includes games and ride, the "worst thing of the year for the city of New Brunswick." Mangarella also blasted the school for serving alcohol knowing that underage drinkers would be in attendance.

According to University officials, they had meetings with the city leading up to the event, and even increased security, as a precautionary method.

"The university heard New Brunswick's concerns and, for that reason, in response to the city's request, the university provided funding for additional New Brunswick police officers this year to patrol the city's streets," University spokesperson E.J. Miranda said in a statement. "This year, the university also provided additional Rutgers police officers to assist New Brunswick police. Public safety is our top priority."

Miranda went on to state that the university expressed concern over the large number of non-students attracted to the concert, which is now in its 30th year. It is estimated that close to 50,000 patrons attended Rutgersfest, which, aside from Yelawolf and Pitbull, also featured alternative band 30H!3.

No students were injured during the violent outbreaks and no arrests have been made in the shootings.

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