'The Heaviest Cross' is the latest track to receive the visual treatment off Bronx rapper YC The Cynic's phenomenal new album, 'GNK,' produced entirely by New York's Frank Drake.

'GNK' is a concept album of sorts that explores ideas pertaining to race, society at large, music, and how all those aspects of life, among others, intertwine. And on 'The Heaviest Cross,' YC makes it clear that we all have our own crosses to bear (even him) and they can often lead to personal sacrifice and, eventually, triumph.

The most pivotal portion of the video comes during the second verse when YC is addressing the listener in a setting made to look like your typical family's living room. He picks up a photo of his mother with two of her children while rapping, "Moms had three kids to raise and still went and got her master's/ Two jobs so the rent was paid and I quit school tryin' to be a rapper."

It's a moment of clarity amid frustrated bars about worthless A&Rs, wack rap writers, and other players in the game who can bring you down with their negativity. Not YC, though, as he powers through the track and the remainder of 'GNK' with nimble wordplay and thoughtful narratives.

You can watch the video above. The album is out now and available for purchase at Amazon.