Yasiin Bey might be working on a collaborative project with Mannie Fresh down in New Orleans, but he still finds time to lend his celebrity to political causes. Today, a video has surfaced of Bey demonstrating how hunger-striking Guantanamo Bay detainees are routinely force fed.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins today and over 100 Gitmo detainees are continuing their hunger strike in protest of their captivity and treatment. Approximately 40 of those hunger-strikers will be force fed according to the U.S. military's standard operating procedure. To illustrate how harrowing the experience is Yasiin Bey allowed human rights organization Reprieve to demonstrate the process on him.

In the video Bey wears a detainee's orange jumpsuit and is shackled at the wrists, waist and ankles. He is then strapped to a chair medical personnel, who proceed to force a tube of nutrients into his nose in what is an apparently an extremely uncomfortable and invasive process. Next, the tube is taken out of his nose, but only to be refilled for another serving of the nutrient liquid administered through the nose. According to the video, this process takes place for up to two hours at a time. Thankfully, we only watch Bey go through this process for about two minutes.

Check it out below, and be advised that the video contains scenes that might be distressing to some.