Yasiin Bey has a new job now. The Brooklyn, N.Y.-born retired(?) rhymer has accepted the position of Creative Director of Unknown Union, a South African-based menswear line.

As Creative Director, Bey will help manage new design ideas and organize collaborations for the clothing brand. The "Umi Says" rapper will also be partnered with one of the foremost authorities on African art, Dr. Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz.

“I feel honored to work with individuals equally passionate about discovering and responding to the knowledge and wisdom conveyed through art, culture and the living traditions of generations past and present,"said Founder and CEO, Jason Storey, in a press release. "We’ve definitely embarked upon an inspiring venture and we look forward to sharing what we learn along the way."

Considering that Bey is going through some immigration problems with South Africa, he might have some difficulties managing in his new gig. Nevertheless, we wish Yasiin Bey the best in his new venture.

To check out Unknown Union's clothing line, head over to their online store.

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