The rather bizarre internet craze known as 'planking,' in which celebrities (i.e. Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Joe Budden, Big Sean) and lay persons alike turn their bodies into stiff board-like planks over and across various objects, has had its fair share of criticism -- especially because it's just plain weird. But rapper Xzibit is taking planking to task by calling it a racially motivated institution.


The purveyor of pimped rides has now called out TMZ for exploiting the MC's opinions of planking, stating in a subsequent tweet,"Wow. They are trying to make me the Al Sharpton of planking. #news?" Regardless of his internet tussles, Xzibit really doesn't care how you plank around.

"Don't get it twisted. I care less where your dumb a---- lay face down and take pictures of the s---, I'm just telling you where it came from," the rapper tweeted.

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