When rapper/actor Xzibit comes 'Full Circle' with his new album of the same name Oct. 17, he'll be joined by the likes of Daz Dillinger, The Game, Kurupt, Too $hort and King T. Aficionados of West Coast rap should recognize the thread that links them all together, that being the West Coast.

That's no accident, X tells AOL Music. "We haven't had a community out on the West Coast, as far as musically, in a long time," he says. "I think a lot of that stems from internal feuding and things that have played out in the public eye. It's really hurt our marketplace."

It's time to put those differences aside, says X. "We stand to gain more working together than we do against each other."

The rapper says he's encouraged. "A lot of things have been worked out. Not saying that we're all singing 'We Are the World' and holding hands, but we really have the idea that it's time to start the West Coast movement." And he's Xzibit A.