Incarcerated rapper X-Raided -- real name Anerae Brown -- was stabbed seven times during a prison riot at the Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, Calif., where he is currently serving 31 years for his role in a 1992 shooting that left one woman dead.

Despite his incarceration X-Raided has been running his own rap label, Bloc Star Entertainment, from behind bars, releasing somewhere near a dozen albums. "They wanted him to produce and release their rap album," a source in X-Raided's camp said of the motive.

"We're talking about inmates serving Life without the possibility of parole wanting to be rap stars, and feeling so rejected to the point of wanting to kill him in an attempt to gain some fame. It's absurd."

The three inmates responsible for the stabbing have been identified as affiliates of the Northern Riders gang, and are said to have used a homemade knife fashioned from a piece of metal from the prison's baseball equipment, and also a toothbrush equipped with eight razor blades.

"These guys are essentially a Protective Custody gang," continued the source. "They're a group of guys who were kicked off of the mainline by the Norte who came together on a sensitive needs yard and made up a new PC gang. It's ridiculous. They ran away from the mainline only to get to an SNY facility and form a new so-called gang."

X-Raided was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Fresno, California, though his condition is currently unknown. The three inmates responsible for his attack have been charged with attempted murder.