As world leaders and celebrities gathered Tuesday (Dec. 10) in Johannesburg, South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Wyclef Jean posted a musical tribute to the international hero on YouTube.

The clip, simply titled 'Nelson Mandela Tribute,' features the ex-Fugees member performing an elegiac song with his acoustic guitar. 'Clef paints the late South African leader as a savior and a beacon for peace.

"He’s was ready for the firing squad / To die for equal rights and justice / I wrote this song 'cause I shook the hands of the prophet, Nelson Mandela," he sings.

Wyclef recently appeared on BET’s '106 & Park' to discuss the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

"Nelson Mandela is a sign of inspiration. [He was for] the idea of equal rights and justice for all," he said.

"The way we all can carry the legacy of Nelson Mandela is practice what we preach," the hip-hop veteran continued. "We should fight for the idea of equal rights and justice. The idea of fighting for a better world; the idea of we don’t want wars no more, we should fight for that."

Watch more of Wyclef Jean’s conversation below.

Jeff J. Mitchell, Getty Images

Watch Wyclef Jean Talk About Nelson Mandela's Legacy on BET's '106 & Park'