The holiday season brings plenty of reasons to celebrate for some more than others. An example is the people of Haitian descent who will be celebrating their country's independence day, which happens to fall on New Year's Day. Wyclef Jean, one of the country's most well-known figures, will be one of them.

LargeUp caught up with Wyclef Jean in New York, as he was enjoying creme -- the Haitian alcoholic version of eggnog. The popular rum cream drink is often consumed during the holiday season, and Jean explains in the above video about how his aunt and the older generation puts more care making into crema.

Crema can be made by anybody who wants to bring in the holiday season with a high-proof drink. All they need is some nutmeg, cream of coconut, condensed and evaporated milk and a few other ingredients. Check out how to make the holiday favorite at LargeUp.