Jay-Z isn't the only one over the auto-tune craze, you can now add Wyclef Jean and Nick Cannon to that list. The two recently released "Mr. Autotune," a song making fun of the ever-popular voice distortion tool.

"I'm Mister Auto-tune/ If you sing off key/ For a small fee I can make you a celebrity," Jean sings with the assistance of a vocoder. "Then all you gotta' do is pay me/ And I will turn this thing into a karaoke party you'll be a superstar." Cannon, who adlibs on the track provides comic relief throwing in things like "Do I need singing lessons?" and "Don't stop autobot/keep my voice in the box."

The song, which is posted on Jean's blog, finds the singer/producer somewhat upset with artists who choose to use auto-tune. "If they ever ask you to sing live don't singe acapella/ You need the autobots to make the club drop it like it's hot."

Although initially introduced in the late 1970s by singer Roger Troutman , of the group Roger and Zap, auto-tune has been re-birthed most notably by singer T-Pain. The Tallahassee native who rarely records a song sans his vocoder credits himself for "starting the whole auto-tune epidemic."