Wyclef Jean is going back to his producing roots for his next album, 'The Second Wind.' "I'm in that headspace, like when Quincy Jones did 'Back on the Block,'" Jean told AOL Music at an X Games kickoff party in L.A. "I wear so many hats, people keep forgetting that I'm really a producer first. I love performing, love playing, but my gift is to write songs and make records."

Like 'Back on the Block,' 'The Second Wind' promises to be an all-star affair. "I plan to go get Carlos Santana, Shakira, Destiny's Child, Whitney, everybody I've worked with and write these real crazy songs with these wild arrangements and bring them to the world," he says.

While Jean says 'The Second Wind' likely won't hit until next summer, he's already well into the process. "I wrote six tracks so far. I've already got the Mary J. Blige track cut -- it's called 'What About the Baby.' Right now my first single is a song called 'L-O-V-E' that we recorded with Shakira, so look out for that."